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Robert Cibis


Robert Cibis is together with his partner Lilian Franck the founder of OVALmedia. He is a producer and director of documentary and theatrical motion picture, and has made his way through both fiction and non-fiction, short and long films. With over 15 years of experience in the field, and among others a Master’s Degree at the Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris, Robert has grown skilled in his film making.

He was a co-recipient of the Ekotopfilm 2007 prize for a two-part documentary called “Disgustingly Healthy”, and one of his latest productions, Pianomania, became yet another award-winning success, receiving prices such as Best Documentary at the International Film Festival in San Francisco and Best Editing at the Diagonale Graz. Robert is now developing his productions into a transmedia storyworld, where he exploits the ever-changing media landscape we are living in and allows his channels of expression to vary from exhibits and music to printmedia and audiovisual work. Robert sees himself as someone who brings people together for purpose of depicting universal topics through gripping stories, and his mission is to change the world through narrative innovation.