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Lilian Franck


Lilian Franck has been directing films for more than 20 years.

As a young woman, Lilian was frustrated with  the limitative use of words, a frustration that led to a growing interest in film. Film making gave her the opportunity to create a language of her own, which she has done magnificently.

With her superb taste for stories, Lilian has had international success with many feature length documentaries. The film “Pianomania” had a cinema release in more than 25 countries and won a number of national and international prizes. Lilian’s range of experience is broad. After making documentaries, which were shot in an “fly on the wall” style, she is currently doing a personal investigation on the future of global health.

Before focusing on theatrical films, Lilian was the artsy girl in film school who made video installations and experimental films. She studied at the Film Academy in Baden Württemberg, Germany and the Grande Ecole Le Fresnoy – Studio national des Arts Contemporains in France.

Through her film making, Lilian communicates personal as well as political messages. She wants to reach out to people; “Each of my films is a contact ad”.